Join us in the historical city of Cádiz

Occupying a tiny peninsula on the south coast of Spain, Cádiz is a beautiful old city that is well worth a visit. Named Gadir by the Phoencians, who founded their trading post in 1100 BC, it was later controlled by the Carthaginians, until it became a thriving Roman port. In the early 16th century as a launching point for the journey to the newly discovered lands of America.

Cádiz was later raided by Sir Francis Drake, in the struggle to gain control of trade with the New World, and managed to withstand a siege by Napoleon's army. In the early 19th century Cádiz became the bastion of Spain's anti-monarchist, liberal movement, as a result of which Spain’s first Constitution was declared here in 1812.

The old town is in the tip of the peninsula and is buzzing with beautiful plazas that are constantly full of life. To get here, you must pass through the new town, an elegant metropolis with excellent beaches and restaurants famous for finest fried fish in the world.

Few people who saw the James Bond movie, Die Another Day, could forget the scene where Halle Berry strolls slinkily out of the sea watched by an appreciative 007. That beach was La Caleta, the island with the DNA replacement clinic was the Castillo San Sebastian, and the city of Havana itself, complete with 1950s American cars, none other than Cádiz!
They removed the castle´s causeway digitally, and the Andalucian city´s seafront promenade doubled as the Cuban capital´s Malecon. The hotel where Bond stays in ´Havana´ was El Balneario de la Palma y del Real.

Another grandiose structure capped by a dome of golden tiles was described by Richard Ford as "a stranded wreck on a quicksand is the 18th Century Baroque. It is amazing to see the damage caused by the sea salt in the air over the centuries as the building rests so close to the coastline.

A highlight is the lower floor. If you stand in the middle of the circular basement and make a noise the echo effect it produces is truly wonderful.
An impressive collection of church treasures can be viewed and in the crypt lies the tomb of composer Manuel de Falla, a Cádiz native, whose music is evocative of the magic of Andalucia. The best external view of the cathedral is to walk along the sea front behind it so you can observe the golden dome.

We also visit Torre Tavira...

The highest and most important of the city's old watchtowers is a fine place to get your bearings while enjoying the dramatic panorama of the city. Back in the 18th century, Cádiz had no less than 160 towers to watch over its harbours. Many can still be seen today.

These towers are stark contrast to the Modern Suspension bridge that links Cádiz to Mainland Spain. A very different type of day in Andalucia and one that always pleases our Clients.

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