The soul of Spain some have said… Luxury will show you Seville, so you can decide for yourself

Its old town, the third largest in Europe with an area of 4 square kilometres, contains three Unesco world heritage sites: the Alcázar Palace complex, the Cathedral and the General Archive of the Indies.
That’s a big punch in a small area!
Known as one, if not the hottest city in Spain, Seville has streets covered by sun sails to shield her people in the scorching summer days. Now the capital city of Andalusia Seville is home to the famous Torre del Oro from the 13th century, the plaza de España is not to be missed and the modern architecture of the Metropol Parasol is eye catching to say the least!

A day trip to Seville will be full and varied with so many options we can hardly begin to suggest. If you like museums we can choose from the Flamenco Art Museum, the Bull Fighting Museum or even the underground Roman Museum based in the Metropol. Fine arts, horse carriages, palace gardens, the list is endless. Luxury create an experience for you, in Seville, to cater to your tastes. Personalised to you and wrapped up to ensure you remember Seville as the show stopping city that it is.

Tell us your date of preference and allow us to take you from Málaga, in luxury to the city famed for Holy Week (Easter) and history. Tapas is an art in Seville that we can not ignore. The options are endless. Should you wish to overnight we can arrange that too! As with all our tours, free time for you is also included, but we take pleasure in providing a driver and guide as much as you need. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, Seville deserves to be explored and you will want to walk it’s streets in comfort.

2 people

€250per person
  • Duration day trip

4 people

€220per person
  • Duration day trip

6 people

€210per person
  • Duration day trip

Prices are per person and include all transport, wifi in your vehicle, taxes, entrance fees. Beverages as we drive, driver, guide(s) and your personal tour escort who will travel door to door with you.